Long Wave 9.6

Long Wave 9.6 | 12th February 2021

Hosted by Mike Harding & Bana Haffar

Track listing:

Hour One

LA Rain
Earth – Dissolution II_ Miami Coming Down (You Fuck) [Scatter, Ash International 1997]
Daniel Menche – Devouring Time (extract) [Devouring Time, 2020]
Fennesz – Domicile [Agora, P-Vine, 2019]
Carl Stone – Khun Dom [Unreleased]
London Fridge 
Garek Druss – Rendering A More Subtle Palette [The Wellspring of Light, 2019]
Giacinto Scelsi – In Nomine Lucis [Version unknown]

Hour Two

Oh Sees – Poem 2 [Panther Rotate, Castle Face 2020]
Dedekind Cut – Conversations with Angels [Successor (ded004), 2016]
Coloform – Exploring the Cavern of Self image
Sary Moussa – Weight [Imbalance, Other People 2020]
Hildegard Von Bingen – O Vis Aeternitatis [Sequentia, BMG 1994]
KMRU – Solace [Peel, Editions Mego 2020]
KMRU – ib07  [Alternate African Reality, Syrphe 2020]
Erik Griswold – Three Great Parlor Themes [All’s Grist That Comes to the Mill, Room40 2020]
Eleh – Observation Wheel [Location Momentum, Touch 2010]
Bernard Parmegiani – Geologie Sonore [De natura sonorum, 1975]

Long Wave 9.5

Long Wave 9.5 | 8th January 2021

Dismember/ Remember

A two hour unfolding of music, interviews, and field recordings from Lebanon. Hosted by Bana Haffar.

Track listing:

First hour

Marc Codsi – Invocation I [A New World, Annihaya 2019]
Jad Atoui – Signals [Black Lanterns, VV-VA/ Syrphe 2020]
Charbel Haber – Wandering Women Of Letters [It Ended Up Being A Good Day Mr. Allende, Al Maslahk, 2012]
Nour Sokhon – Rectification of the Wretched
Aya Metwali – بعد العشا
Fadi Tabbal – Music for Circles [Music For The Lonely Vol. 1, Beacon Sound 2019]
Safa – Folded [The Subtleties Of Elevated Things, Modular Mind 2018]
Kid Fourteen – One day I’m gone [Love, Kidsplay Records 2020]
The Bunny Tylers – Contact Transfer Stains [Glitches And Drones, Ruptured 2016]
Stephanie Merchak – No Matter how much my eyes bleed, no matter how many times my heart explodes and my soul shatters [Unreachable, 2020]
Bana Haffar – Hamra street (binaural recording)

Second Hour

Elyse Tabet – Water Version 1  [VV-VA-00/ Syrphe, 2019]
Bana Haffar – Azaan in the rain (binaural recording)
Anthony Sahyoun & Jawad Nawfal – February 2, Pt. 2 [First Seconds Last Forever, VV-VA/ Syrphe 2020]
TEDTEDTED – Wil [Cama, Ruptured 2020]
Safa – Canonized [The Subtleties Of Elevated Things, Modular Mind 2018]
Mazen Kerbaj – Krrrt [Cling Clang Clong, Al Maslakh, 2019]
Ziad Moukarzel – Are Three
Marc Codsi – Encounters I [A New World, Annihaya 2019]
Bana Haffar- Carpet memories (binaural recording)
Tony Elieh – Part 1 [It’s Good To Die Every Now And Then, Al Maslakh 2016]
Sary Moussa – South [Imbalance, 2020]
Anthony Sahyoun – Jesuit Literature Drowning in the Mediterranean [LP 1, 2020]

venoztks – how it’s not meant to be [Tapeworm # TTW#139]

Cassette (Limited edition of 100) + DL
Available on Bandcamp

Release date: 11th December 2020

Track listing:

A Secret 29′ 36″
B for 52 years 29′ 30″

Many hours were spent surfing the airwaves, with often surprising results… No synths were used during the making of this album. The mysteries of the ether continue to enthral and provide.

Illustration by Bana Haffar – “The Map is Not the Territory”

Mastered by Franz Kirmann
Published by Field Music
With thanks to Bana Haffar, Klingenfuss & all the freqs

This cassette is a product of The Tapeworm “unidentified, incorrect or outright useless.”

TTW#139 copyright 2020 The Tapeworm www.tapeworm.org.uk

Long Wave 9.4

Long Wave 9.4 | 11th December 2020

Hosted by Nigel Wrench and featuring two exclusive Tapeworm “wormcasts”, mixed by venoztks and Wyrm. Theme music by CM von Hausswolff and Henryk Lipp. Image by SavX.

Track listing:

HOUR ONE – a wormcast by venoztks
1. Burning Tree “Chug” – TTW#34
2. Aaron Turner “I Can See What’s Coming” – TTW#118
3. Zerocrop “Applesauce” – TTW#23
4. Philip Jeck “Spool” – TTW#1
5. Philip Marshall “Hooks” – TTW#28
6. Amy Winedeath “Consider Well Before Speaking” – TTW#57
7. Cathi Unsworth “Johnny Remember Me” – TTW#21
8. venoztks “Secret” – TTW#139
9. Strom | Morts “Entropic Clock Resistance” – TTW#131

HOUR TWO – a wormcast by Wyrm
1. Simon Fisher Turner and Derek Jarman “Life Recordings From Prospect Cottage and The Ness” – TTW#126
2. Mammifer “Found Recording 2007” – TTW#103
3. Jiyeon Kim “Long Delay and New Earth” – TTW#129
4. Gabie Strong “Living In Thee End Tymes” – TTW#132
5. Dale Cornish and Phil Julian “Language Is A Nuisance” – TTW#72
6. Blood Music “There Is No Centre And There Never Was” – WHO#13
7. Biting Tongues “When It Breaks On You” – WHO#19
8. Søs Gunver Ryberg / Cristian Vogel “Fight For Light” – TTW#100
9. Laura Agnusdei x Jay Glass Dubs “Jungle Shuffle” – to be released in 2021
10. Marta de Pascalis “Her Core” – WHO#12
11. Jim Haynes “Shortwave Radio Recordings on MiniDisc (2001-2012) – TTW#137
12. Stephan Mathieu “Flags” – TTW#37
13. Zeno van den Broek “Entrop” – TTW#111
14. Nigel Wrench “ZA87” – to be released in 2021

Long Wave 9.3

Long Wave 9.3 | 13th November 2020

Hymns Ancient & Modern
Mike Harding & Bana Haffar
with contributions from Norhal El Halwagy

Track listing:


1. Sohrab – Shouting at Dictators
2. Soliman Gamil – Pharoah Funeral Process [Soliman Gamil – Ankh, Touch 1990]
3. Ali Hamida – Lolaky

Norhal El Halwagy writes: The Ali Hamida song is off his debut cassette that came out in 1988. Egypt already had a thriving “street” cassette culture with its own set of stars. This kind of music was often referred to as “Sha’abi” or “of the people”. This song became as big as anything on “Thriller” in Egypt and almost everyone had a copy of this cassette. He was later eclipsed by others who rode the same wave that he did and seemed to have vanished somewhere in the 90s. The cassette appears on discogs amazingly!

4. Sohrab – Susanna [Sohrab – A Hidden Place, Touch 2010]
5. Soliman Gamil – Rhythmic Dialogue [Soliman Gamil – The Egyptian Music, Touch 1987]
6. Cheb Hasni – Tlabri Lefrak (You Ask For Separation)

Norhal El Halwagy writes: The Cheb Hasni track is a love song that I got from a complication of his. He did sing raunchier material and was the first Rai singer to be murdered my the then ascendant Islamists in Algeria in the lead up to their winning elections/the civil war of the 90s.

7. Jóhann Jóhannsson – Zarrin (remix) [Sohrab – You Are Not Alone l, Touch 2011]
8. Soliman Gamil – Clown Dance [Soliman Gamil – Ankh, Touch 1990]
9. Cheb Zahouani – Zid Serbi (ya moul el bar)

Norhal El Halwagy writes: The Cheb Zahouani track is the most provocative lyrically as “Zid Serbi (ya moul el bar)” translates to “pour me more, barman”. The story about this track is that during that time Algeria’s Islamists had sent a delegation to Saudi Arabia to see if there was a way they can allow the wildly popular Rai music while maintaining their religious credibility as music is frowned upon by the hardliners. On the first day of Ramadan, this cassette dropped, effectively giving them their answer. Here it is on discogs.

10. Sohrab – Pedagogicheskaya Poema [Sohrab – A Hidden Place, Touch 2010]
11. J.G.Thirlwell – Susanna (Uxorial mix) [Sohrab – You Are Not Alone l, Touch 2011]


1. Mohammed Khairi, Wajdi Min Al Hobb, Kamiliphone Records
2. Mohammed Khairi, Asbab Ma Raani Furquak, Kamiliphone Records (Baghdadi folk song)
3. Ahmad Al Hasan Abu Ali, Mawaal Shakawi, Kamiliphone Records
4. Jad Atoui & Jawad Nawfal, Pulpille [Prospect 2, Syrphe 2020]
5. Krouaan, Ya Oum Al Abaya, Kamiliphone Records
6. Krouaan, Limouni Alimouni, Kamiliphone Records
7. Al Hawi Salih Ibn Al Rih, Ya Damil Ein, Kamiliphone Records
8. Mike Dobler, Quad STO qstomx
9. Mohammed Khairi, Ya Madih Al Mousafa, Kamiliphone Records
10. Mohammed Khairi, Ya Mashir Al Nas, Kamiliphone Records

Kamiliphone was a prolific Syrian label based in Aleppo that specialized in Levantine and Bedouin music.
Their records were pressed in Lebanon and sometimes Greece.

Thank you to Diran Mardirian of Chico Records, Beirut for preserving and sharing these precious records of our Syrian Heritage and Ben Hovey for assistance in digitizing.

Long Wave 9.2

Long Wave 9.2 | 12th October 2020


Co-hosted with Bana Haffar

Track listing:

1. Chanting Namo Amitabha Single Cycle Buddhist Buddha Pray Music Machine Peaceful
2. Sarah Louise – Nighttime Birds and Morning Stars, from Nighttime Birds and Morning Stars [Thrill Jockey, 2019]
3. Sarah Louise – Rime, from Nighttime Birds and Morning Stars [Thrill Jockey, 2019]
4. The Color of Fear (1994 Documentary)
5. Raphael Montañez Ortiz – Piano Destruction Concert: Dada con Mama [Intermedium, 2008]
6. STROM | MORTS – Levitating Terminal Rotation [s/r]
7. LAU – Gallowhill (feat. Chris Watson) [Lau Scotland, 2020]
8. drøne – Séance [s/r]
8.1 – Southern Rail 1
9. Gabie Strong – Live at land & Sea, from My Body Did This To Me [The Tapeworm, 2020]
10. Jen Kutler – Sofy Yuditskaya, from Disembodied [Eyevee, 2019]
11. Jen Kutler – Meagan Johnson, from Disembodied [Eyevee, 2019]
12. Jen Kutler – Jenn Grossman, from Disembodied [Eyevee, 2019]
13. Nour Mobarak – Neurodiversity, from Father Fugue [Recital, 2019]
14. Nour Mobarak – Oaxacan Shower, from Father Fugue [Recital, 2019]
15. XAMBUCA + Elisa Faires – Bellsong, from Tied Tide Beneath The Sky
16. Jason Vartikar – Ruth Asawa’s Radical Universalism, from Black Mountain College Museum and Arts Center
16.1 – Southern Rail 2

Long Wave 9.1

Long Wave 9.1 | 11th September 2020

Co-hosted with Bana Haffar

Long Wave 8.8

Long Wave 8.8 | 14th August 2020

Long Wave is hosted by Mike Harding with Carl Michael von Hausswolff, who introduces us to his curated project ‘freq_wave’. With an extended micro sound mix inspired by the freq wav:7 seas online mixer by Bana Haffar, and freq_wave mixes by Jim O’Rourke, Zachary Paul, Chandra Shukla & JG Thirlwell, who also  supplied the photo.

Long Wave 8.7

Long Wave 8.7 | 10th July 2020

Long Wave is hosted by Mike Harding with SavX, who very kindly supplied the image above and whose new book, The Savage Pencil Skratchbook is published here

Long Wave 8.6

Long Wave 8.6 | 12th June 2020

Long Wave is hosted by Mike Harding with Ian Wellman & Gabie Strong

Long Wave 8.5

Long Wave 8.5 | 8th May 2020

Long Wave is hosted by Mike Harding with Ian Wellman & Gabie Strong

Long Wave 8.4

Long Wave 8.4 | 10th April 2020

Long Wave is hosted by Mike Harding with Ian Wellman & Gabie Strong

Long Wave 8.3

Long Wave 8.3 | 14th February 2020

Long Wave is hosted by Mike Harding with special guest Bruce Lampcov & Carl Stone

Long Wave 8.2

Long Wave 8.2 | 10th January 2020

Long Wave is hosted by Gabie Strong & Ian Wellman


Long Wave 8.1

Long Wave 8.1 | 13th December 2019

Long Wave is hosted by Gabie Strong

drøne – the stilling

Photo: Nico Van Hoen

The Memory Room CD now available


CD – 1 track – 45:29

The region around Eupen, in the east of Belgium towards the border with Germany was once part of another country and was annexed after hostilities in 1919. It has the feel of both border territory and hinterland simultaneously, not seeming to belong to any one place or region. No hard border here. There are ghosts; the region was heavily fought over in both major western European conflicts of the twentieth century, but now it is a still place, thrown over to managed habitats for forestry and wildlife. It is here, in the Eifel Nature Park, that Meakusma commissioned Chris Watson and Mike Harding to organise and lead a field recording workshop and, in the given time, adopt a suitable approach to developing a ‘sound painting’ to describe the ambience of the area. Seven in the group with skills ranging from beginner to advanced were shown how to manifest the hidden sonic world available to them with contact microphones; how to patiently set up a recording zone within a smaller area and, most important of all, how to listen actively and simply be in that place. Sessions pre-dawn and post-sunset encouraged an unusual perspective. This is animal time: dark and strange, and sound carries. Under a flightpath from Liège airport the recordists were confronted with a familiar challenge; how to allow industrial noise (noise here defined as any unwanted sound) into our increasingly enclosed world of headphones and hush…

Eifel Nature Park is part of Natura 2000, stretching over 18% of the EU’s land area and almost 6% of its marine territory. It is the largest coordinated network of protected areas in the world, offering a rich haven to Europe’s most valuable and threatened species and habitats. Natura 2000 is a network of core breeding and nesting sites and some rare natural types of habitat which are protected in their own right. It stretches across all 28 EU countries, both on land and sea. The aim of the network is to ensure the long-term survival of Europe’s most valuable species and habitats which are listed under both the Birds Directive and the Habitats Directive. Natura 2000 is not a system of strict nature reserves from which all human activity would be excluded; while it does include strictly protected nature reserves, most of the land remains in private ownership. The approach to conservation and sustainable use of the Natura 2000 areas is much wider, largely centred on people working with nature rather than against. However, EU Member States must ensure that the sites are managed in a sustainable manner, both ecologically and economically.
released September 18, 2019

Recorded at Hautes Fagnes Eifel Nature Park for Meakusma 2018, Eupen, Belgium by Steffen Bennemann, Jasmin Blasco, Peter Caeldries, Meike Effenberg, Mike Harding, Maxim Hoebreckx, Pepa Ivanova, Louise Le Du & Chris Watson, 7-9th September 2018
Mixed at The Dungeon, Los Angeles, October-November 2018
Artwork & design by Philip Marshall

Meakusma 2018 | Eupen, Belgium 7th-9th September 2018

Meakusma 2018 | Eupen, Belgium 7th-9th September 2018

For the workshop with legendary field recordist and former Cabaret Voltaire member Chris Watson at the 2018 Meakusma Festival, there are still a few places available.

Chris Watson needs no introduction. After leaving Cabaret Voltaire in 1981, he set out on a career as a field recordist specialized in natural history. His work is mostly released on the Touch label. He also works for television, radio and makes installations. He also does work for computer games.

Participants to the workshop will meet with and be taken on a sound walk and night recording session in the High Fens by Chris Watson and Mike Harding of the Touch label. Afterwards, an audio CD will be published using the recordings.

We are proud to have Watson and Harding over at the festival as their presence and the planned CD with audience participation is very much what the Meakusma Festival wishes to stand for.


drøne – mappa mundi

drøne – mappa mundi

Voice of the People
Horizontal Direction
Telegraphy Beacon
Echo of Hope
Shannon Volmet

[drøne # drøne1]
Limited Edition CD (500 copies)
You can hear an extract here

Release date: 13th October 2017
Now available on Bandcamp

Cover image & font by nico

This the first CD released by drøne, after two vinyl albums on Anna von Hausswolff’s label, Pomperipossa. In a 5” jacket with artwork and font by nico, who also provided the hand-written text for the vinyl artwork for the 2015 and 2016 releases, “Mappa Mundi” traces and describes audio surrounding and occupying the planet earth.

Workers toil in smithies, call signs and chants-at-prayer reveal attempts to order the chaos, which always remains one step ahead. Post-lapsarian for sure, but smoke signals and drums have morphed into the ‘bing bong’ of the attention-grabbing, mind-polluting PA system. The coded simplicity of the whistle (“Start!”) has evolved into a more deliberate attempt to control rather than inform by explicit, structured language. Announcements have become commands; signs bark orders. Thus ‘no’ becomes a powerful rejection, rather than merely a preference; and no-ers are more easily to spot… “You’re going the wrong way”! (To which the only sensitive and mature response is: “Good!”)

Call signs, IDs, audio sigils and signatures all combine to describe a polluted, confusing atmosphere which threatens to leave us powerless and bewildered. “Decipher the sounds and you win the game! First prize is, guess what? You get to take the audio poison! Congratulations! You’ve lost!”.

The first album, ‘reversing into the future’ drew this response from Lend Me Your Ears: “This thrilling piece – surely the most kinetic non-dancefloor record in an age”. Anna herself wrote of the follow up record, ‘a perfect blind’: “I love everything about this release. Such a great presentation and exciting project! And most important: the music is sublime.”

The Quietus wrote: “Last year’s distinctive debut from drøne was likened to a hurtling journey. It’s combination of field recordings, shortwave radio and modular synths possessed an excited, driving energy whose route was hitherto unexplored and destination unknowable. But with an expanded sound pool boasting instruments across the ages – from guitar, through pipe organ and strings to dulcimer and psaltery – its follow-up takes a sideways step into more cognizant, reflective pastures.”

drøne – a perfect blind

drøne – a perfect blind

Side A back to the station
Side B cutting the screen

[Pomperipossa Records # PRLP3]
Limited Edition Vinyl (500 copies)
Release date: 22nd April 2017 [Record Store Day]
And afterwards available on Bandcamp (digital download only)

Cover image by Maria von Hausswolff
Cut by Jason @ Transition
Font by Nico

“I love everything about this release. Such a great presentation and exciting project! And most important: the music is sublime.” [Label boss Anna von Hausswolff]

oleg belyaev – baroque ‘cello
charlie campagna – ‘cello
paul haslinger – piano
philip jeck – pulse
bethan kellough – violin, viola
marie takahashi – baroque viola
anna von hausswolff – voices

baritone guitar & cymbals
dulcimer & psaltery
field recordings
lorenz cipher machine
1877 henry willis organ (union chapel)
short wave

Disruption between then and now/memory and presence, dulcimer, psaltery, ‘cellos, violas and violin embroider radio, static, stray voices and electronics… ‘a perfect blind’ is the second album by drøne (Mark Van Hoen & Mike Harding) with an array of guest artists, including label supremo Anna von Hausswolff, dreamer and composer Paul Haslinger, field recordist and sound designer Charlie Campagna and Touch artists Bethan Kellough & Philip Jeck. Strings by Seattle-based Marie Takahashi and Oleg Belyaev are also layered into this complex and perhaps more musical offering. Moving in all directions, ‘a perfect blind’ continues where ‘reversing into the future’ [pomperipossa records, 2016] left off.

‘a perfect blind’ was conceived and designed in Los Angeles with organ recordings from London (at Union Chapel), short wave radio, treated voices and other archaic sound sources.

A stunning front cover image by Maria von Hausswolff and miss-taken typography by Nico embrace this sense of dislocation; as the mediaeval language which enfolds our collapsing 19th Century institutions fails to find relevance, our sense of entrapment in the old is accompanied by an assault on the senses. The destabilising effect of “post-truth” adds to our sense of unbelonging, of being elsewhere, observers not participants.

‘a perfect blind’ is the term used for the best possible observation point where the viewer is unseen by the object of interest. Is this the best place to be? Memories which slowly fade away, also reverse back from the past shoving us into the future…