Long Wave 14.2


Hosted by Mike Harding & Bana Haffar, who also provided the drawing

Drawing from Theodore Schwenk, “Sensitive Chaos” Rudolf Steiner Press, 1965

1st hour

SKIP ZONE – nerve [1 minute autohypnosis CD#53, Mutesound 2024]
Madeleine Cocolas – Bodies 11 [Bodies, ROOM40 2024]
Ulrich Krieger – Bathyal (electronics) [Bathyal, ROOM40 2024]
Manja Ristić & Mark Vernon – Basne (extract) [unreleased 2024]
Marta De Pascalis – Equal to No Weight at All [Sky Flesh, light-years 2023]
Mark Van Hoen – Insight [Plan For A Miracle, Dell’Orso 2024]
Tarracóir – If You Think It’s Over……… [Growth, Deserted Village, 2014]

2nd hour

Nigel Pennick – Grindonrigg [Old England House, 2023]
Else Marie Pade – Syv Cirkler [Electronic Works 1958-1995, Important Records, 1958]
Phil Niblock – Valence (excerpt) [Touch Three, Touch 2026]
Damon Smith – Variations for Double Bass 1961 Benjamin Patterson [Variations for Double Bass 1961, Balance Point Acoustis 2020]
Koenraad Ecker – Heart of a Stone (excerpt) [Raw Materials, Line 2023]
Jo Johnson – Transience [The Wave Ahead, Mysteries of the Deep 2023]
Hsaing Waing Orchestra – The Forest of Kanda [Myanmar, UNESCO Collection of Traditional Music 1998]
Chris Watson – Cracking Viscera [Outside The Circle Of Fire, Touch 1998]
Steinbrüchel – These 1 (excerpt) [Basis, Room40 2007]