Long Wave 14.1


Hosted by Mike Harding & Bana Haffar, who also provided the drawing, featuring an unreleased track from Ian Wellman

1st hour

Ian Wellman – The Night the Stars Fell [The Night the Stars Fell, Ash International 2024]
Silver Apples – A Pox on You (live in Toronto, 2008)) [Contact, Kapp Records 1968]
Disinformation & Savion Glover – Doppelg​ä​nger Variations [Cire Noire, Sahko Recordings 2023]
Paul Giovanni – Opening Sequence from ‘The Wicker Man’ [The Wicker Man, Trunk 1998]
Oren Ambarchi/Johan Berthling/Andreas Berlin – Ghosted 3 [Ghosted, Black Truffle 2022]
Musique Infinie – The Cessation of Reasons (sample) [I, Kudos Records 2024]
Jana Winderen – Listening Through the Dead Zones (excerpt) [s/r 2021]
funeral chant – Door Dwell – Dallas PD one
The Unthanks – Magpie [Live on BBC TV, 2015 – composed by Davey Dodds* in the 1960s]
Rezső Seress – Gloom is Sunday [vocals “The world is ending” by László Jávor, sung by Pál Kalmár 1933/5]

2nd hour

Eliana Hamon – Sacred Echoes: 528Hz & 6Hz Theta Tranquility [Harmonic Echoes: Pan and Bowl Journeys in Solfeggio & Theta Rhythms, WMLMUSIC 2023]
Krotoczynski, John Abrahall, Christopher Bamford, Robert Feldman, Michael Katz, Peter – Circuit Earth (video excerpt) [Bullfrog Films 1971]
Peter Bastian – Georgi Koevs Ballade (feat. Gabriel Fliflet & Olav Tveitane) [Bastians Ballader, Bastians Ballader 2016]
Autechre – Live – Quirky – Brixton [1994]
UnicaZürn – Pale Salt Seam [Transpandorem, Touch 2017]
AHRKH – Paramita [Beams From a Spiritual Panorama, Golden Ratio Frequencies, 2020]

*The story goes that Davey Dodds had the idea for the song when he gave an old lady a lift, and she spat in his Jaguar every time she saw a magpie. “Magpie” was a nursery rhyme probably dating to the 16th Century, or earlier.