Long Wave 12.2

Long Wave 12.2 | 14th October 2022

The Winged Serpent

Hosted by Bana Haffar & Mike Harding. Drawing by Bana Haffar.

1st hour

Cleared – Of Endless Light [Of Endless Light, Touch 2022]
Zane Trow – Part I [Still Life, Room40 2021]
film audio excerpt from “Tokyo Story” Yasujirō Ozu, 1953
Marie-Louise Von Franz – film audio excerpt from “The Way of the Dream” Fraser Boa, 1985
Jana Winderen – Silencing Of The Reefs [Ocean Archive 2013]
Adam Asnan – Carrier I [Carriers, PA, mappa 2016]
Albert Van Abbe & Jochem Paap – Rel 3L 212c LC-pi [General Audio, Avian 2022]
clipping. and Evicshen – Sheba [REMXG 2.1, Sub Pop 2022]
Chris Watson – Low Pressure [Stepping Into The Dark, Touch 1996]
Jez Riley French – dawn chorus with rain # 1(from the tin shed), Sweden [a quiet position | emplacement, Engraved Glass 2013]
Maleem Mahmoud Ghania w/ Pharaoh Sanders – La Allah Dayim Moulenah [The Trance Of Seven Colors, Axiom 1994]

2nd hour

RAZEN – Blue Rot 4th [Blue Rot, Hands in the Dark 2021]
Threshing Floor – Threshing Floor [Threshing Floor, REBOOT 2021]
Charlie Campagna – Hurricane Irene Approaches [unreleased, 2021]
Howlround – Frosi [Trespass And Welfare, Buried Teasure 2022]
Yann Novak – A Trembling of Light [Reflections of a Gathering Storm, PLAYNEUTRAL 2022]
Alcibiades – Omicronology [Bis dat, Spire 2022]
Anna von Hausswolff – Ugly & Vengeful [Dead Magic, Pomperipossa 2018]