Long Wave 12.4

Long Wave 12.4 | 9th December 2022

Sound and Gestures

Hosted by Natasha Pirard, who also provided the photograph.

“Just as certain creatures are the last examples of a form of life which nature has abandoned, I wondered whether music were not the solo example of the form which might have served —had language, the forms of words the possibility of analysing ideas, never been inverted —for the communication of souls. Music is like a possibility which has never been developed, humanity having taken different paths, those of language, spoken and written.” Marcel Proust.

Women of The Voices of Ascension – O Virga Ac Diadema [Voices of Angels (Music of Hildegard Von Bingen), Delos, 1997]
Laila Sakini – Stephen’s Secret [Strada, Boomkat Editions, 2020]
Ameel Brecht – Stay up All Night [Kraak’s 10s and 20s, KRAAK, 2020]
JAB – Nowhere [Out there in the middle of Nowhere, Poole Music, 2022]
Simon Scott – The Black Fens [Long Drove, Room40, 2022]
J.WLSN – 1993 [1993, Room40, 2022]
Tujiko Noriko – Fossil Words [Crépuscule I & II, Mego, 2023]
Christina Vantzou – Kimona II [No.5, kranky, 2022] Felicia Atkinson – L’Oeil [A Readymade Symphony, Shelter Press, 2015]
Elisabeth Klinck – Débrouillage [Common Ground vol.2, Safe Ground, 2022]
Clara Levy – Directionless Motion [13 Visions, Discreet Editions, 2022]
Olli Aarni – Alhaalla [Koko Maailma, Students of Decay, 2022]
Patrick Shiroishi – a trickle led to a quiet pool, where still black water reflected the night sky [Evergreen, Touch, 2022]
Aponogeton – A Quiet Place [A Place of Solace, STROOM, 2019]
Malibu – So Far Out of Love [Palaces of Piety, UNO NYC, 2022]