Long Wave 12.5

Long Wave 12.5 | 13th January 2023

Galactic Chariot

Hosted by Bana Haffar, who also provided the drawing.

“The Chariot speaks to us about the supremacy of the underlying cycles in the universe. Every planet has a cyclical relationship to the star it revolves around, and each star maintains a relationship to the center of the galaxy. These are the multiple wheels of the galactic chariot.” Alexandra Genetti, The Wheel of Change Tarot

Table Saw – Saturday in Quepos [WhatsApp field recording 2022]
U.G. Krishnamurti and Willem de Ridder – “Conversations with U.G.” Amsterdam (extract) [1990]
Mark Fell – Intra-5 [Intra, Boomkat Editions 2018]
Mark Fell – Intra-8 [Intra, Boomkat Editions 2018]
Bitchin Bajas – Geomancy [Bajascillators, Drag City 2022]
tarotplane – dé irones [Lysergic Forgeries, Lullabies For Insomniacs 2021]
Irreversible Entanglements – The Code Noir / Amina (feat. Keir Neuringer) [Who Sent You?, International Anthem 2020]
Alejandro Jodorowsky speaking with Jonathan Ross (extract) [1990]
Cutaway [Bruton BRH7: Contemporary Sound Scores, UPPM Records 1979]
Agnese Toniutti, piano live performance – Dick Higgins – Emmett Williams’ Ear. MAP FVG – Art Park Verzegnis, Ud, Italy [2018]
Jerusalem In My Heart – Qalouli [Corona Borealis Winter 2021, Constellation Records 2021]
Aswad – Hey Jah Children [Babylon (The Original Soundtrack), Takoma 1981]
Evan Gallagher – The Dead (Composed by Judy Dunaway for performance artist Diane Torr’s “Crossing the River Styx,”) [1990]
Bettina Maylone – Distant Islands (animation extract) [National Film Board of Canada 1981]
Thomas Köner & Jana Winderen – Cloitre (Live) (extract) [Cloitre, Touch 2014]
Philus – Tele-ctro [Kolmio, Sakho Recordings, 1998]
Tyondai Braxton – TK4_Overgrowth (extract) [Telekenesis, Nonesuch 2022]
Biosphere – Sphere of No-Form [Subtrata (Alternative Versions), Biophon Records (Norway) 2022]