Long Wave 14.3

A Long Wave special, heralding The Tapeworm’s 15th anniversary. Your host, Nigel Wrench, is sent a postcard from Athens.

On the 1st and 2nd of March The Tapeworm presented “The Worm Rose of Athens” – two evenings of entertainments featuring Marta De Pascalis, Jay Glass Dubs, Simon Pomery, Kostis Kilymis, venoztks and Philip Marshall. With thanks to Viktor and Evegny @ Stellage, Dimitri Alexakis, Foteini Banou and Aggeliki Karambela @ KET and Dimitris Papadatos.

Also featured: tracks from recent and upcoming tapes by Dj Salinger, MICROCORPS and Runar Magnusson.

1: Philip Marshall – Operattack (Edit)
2: Marta De Pascalis – voXCS60x
3: venoztks – Live at KET, Athens, 2 March 2024
4: Jay Glass Dubs – Live at KET, Athens, 2 March 2024
5: Simon Pomery – Live at KET, Athens, 2 March 2024
6: Marta De Pascalis – Equal To No Weight At All
7: Runar Magnusson – Kill & Kaoss (Excerpt)
8: Dj Salinger – Chateaux D’Equateur

“The Worm Rose of Athens” illustrated by SavX