Long Wave 14.4


Hosted by Bana Haffar & Mike Harding

Ernst Haeckel : Art Forms from the Abyss : Images from the HMS Challenger Expedition. Munich: Prestel, 2015.

“It is simply acknowledging that the world is actively unknowable to us, in opposition to the way that digital computation attempts to render the world knowable. We can’t read water in the same way as we can read data, and this is a good thing.” James Bridle. Ways of Being : Animals, Plants, Machines : The Search for a Planetary Intelligence. New York: Picador, 2023. (p199)

1st hour

Richard Chartier – Interreferences.2 [interreferences II, 3Particles 2021]
“Morocco Gnawa Music” (Youtube)  [Traditional Music Channel 2014]
Ciro Longobardi, Cantierezero, Agostino di Scipio – 3 Pezzi muti (Dalla superfice al fondo): No.1+No.2, – [Live] [Agostino Di Scipio: Concrezioni sonore, Stradivarius 2019]
Ryoji Ikeda – data.telex [dataplex, Ryoji Ikeda 2005]
Superstudio – “Supersuperficie” (Supersurface) (film excerpt) [Marchi Produzioni – 1972]
Derek Bailey – N/JZ/BM (Re-Mix) [Guitar, Drums ’n’ Bass DIWAVANT 1996]
France Jobin – Superposition (excerpt) [Infinite Probabilities (Particle 2), Touch 2023]
Yui Onodera – Semi Lattice 2 [Semi Lattice, Dragon’s Eye Recordings 2023]
Elisa Faires – For The Flowers I [Animisme, Erototox Decodings 2022]
Lo Ka Ping – The Water Spirit (2) [Lost Sounds of the Tao: Chinese Masters of the Giqin in Historic Recordings, World Arbiter, 2014]
Ted Reichman – Quiet Nights [Vie En Rose, Puremagnetik 2024]
Genesis P-Orridge – Information [Decoder (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture), Corazón International 1984]

2nd hour

Lambda Sond – Ice Storm [Important Records]
KRM & KMRU – Differ [Disconnect, Phantom Limb 2024]
Sissi Rada – Delayed Mausoleum [Aporia, Stroom 2024]
Ted Reichman – Dread Sea l [Dread Sea, Tripticks Tapes 2022]
Johannes Malfatti – The Fires Had Longed Burned Out [In the Glow of Distant Fires, LINE 2023]
Souls on Board with Daniel Menche – The Janitor Announces the Night [Souls On Board, The Tapeworm 2009]
Celer – Gems ll (excerpt) [Gems ll, ROOM40 2024]
The Righteous Yeah – Death March [Killer Apps, s/r 2024]
venoztks – 25 adults trying to keep quiet at a surprise birthday party and failing (in the dark) [u/r 2024]