Long Wave 14.5

Slow Plants on a Burning Planet

Hosted by Mike Harding & Bana Haffar, who provided the photo

1st hour

Sam Dunscombe – 2F [Two Forests, Black Truffle 2023]
strom|morts – Alternate Consciousness Commutator [s/r 2024]
Daniel Menche – Desert Scars [extract, s/r 2024]
Dif Juz – Re [Heuremics, 4AD 1983]

2nd hour

Burial – State Forest [Claustro/ State Forest – Single, Hyperdub 2019]
Jez riley French, Pheobe riley Law, Jenny Berger Myhre, Felicity Mangan, Bethan Kellough  – Pheobe riley Law – cardboard beaded sym:metry [mɜː.məˈreɪ.ʃən|pərˈfɔr.mɪŋpleɪs (remixed), a quiet position 2024]
Francisco López – La Selva, Pt. 1 (excerpt) [La Selva (Sound Environments from a Neotropical Rain Forest), Sub Rosa 2014]
Steve Peters & Steve Roden – Two or Three Fireflies [Not a Leaf Remains As It Was, 12k 2012]
ELEH & Nana April Jun – Sun Wind Darkness Eye [Observations and Momentum, Touch 2009]
Second Woman – 900438An4 [Second Woman, Spectrum Spools 2016]
Steinbrüchel – These 1 [Basis, Room 40 2007]