Long Wave 13.2


“Whenever I quiet the persistent chatter of words within my head, I find this silent or wordless dance always already going on – this improvised duet between my animal body and the fluid, breathing landscape that it inhabits.” [The Spell of the Sensuous, David Abram]

Hosted by Bana Haffar, who also provided the drawing and text, & Mike Harding.

1st hour

Jan Jelinek – Lady Gaga, you once said in an interview that you write music for the fashion industry, is fashion as important to you as music? [Zwishchen, Faitiche 2018]
Todd Barton – Improv [Ro, Flying Moonlight Records 2018]
Robert Takahashi Crouch – Like A Shipwreck We Die Going Into Ourselves [Giving Water to the Dead, The Tapeworm 2022]
Yoshihide Otomo & Sachiko M. – Filament 1 – 3 [Filament 1, Extreme 2007]
Endurance – Feel [Verb, Muzan Editions 2022]
Nondi_ – Orchid Juke [Flood City Trax, Planet Mu 2023]
numi – Picture in Picture [ITX028 – Picture In Picture, Ilian Tape 2023]
Ian Vine – five strings II [five strings, Ian Vine 2022]
Stienbrüchel – These 1 (extract) [Basis, Room40 2007]
Curtis Roads – Volt air, part I [Point Line Cloud, Presto!? 2019]
drøne – the long song I [the long song, Pomperipossa 2023]
Smith & Mighty – Jah Pure & Clean [DJ-Kicks, !K7 1998]

2nd Hour

Yann Novak – Super Coherent Light [The Voice of Theseus, Dragon’s Eye 2023]
David Toop & Lawrence English – Abyssal Tracker [The Shell That Speaks The Sea, Room40 2023]
Mich L. – A.M. [Air Near Silence, s/r 2023]
Manja Ristić – Soul of Stone [Glasovi/Voices, s/r 2023]
Youmna Saba – Ritha’ [s/r 2023]
Xqui – LIFEFILES / LF9 [Mortality tables, 2023]
Raed Yassin – Face A [CW Tapes, Discrepant 2019]
strom|morts – Dark Choir (Part lll) [Music for Nightmare, 2023]