Long Wave 13.6

Sun Tunnel

Hosted by Mike Harding & Bana Haffar, who also provided the image.

1st hour

Igor Levit – Erik Satie Vexations (video excerpt) [2020]
Christian Botanski – Animitas (video excerpt) [2021]
Dorian Wood – Excesiva (excerpt) [Excesiva, Dragon’s Eye Recordings 2023]
Charlemagne Palestine – TheeOorgannnissstheeGgreattestttSsynthesizerrrEverrrrrrrr (excerpt) [TheeOorgannnissstheeGgreattestttSsynthesizerrrEverrrrrrrr, Meakusma 2020]
Gabie Strong – Post-exostoses (excerpt) [My Body Did This To Me, The Tapeworm 2023]

2nd hour

drøne – into the electric [the long song, Pomperipossa Records 2022]
Lia Kohl – Moon Beam [Too Small to be a Plain, Florabelle 2022]
France Jobin – The Fluidity Of Time Does Not Exist [The Fluidity Of Time Does Not Exist, s/r 2021]
Chandra Shukla – Suryodaya [u/r 2023]
Claire M Singer – Outside [Saor, Touch 2023]
Johannes Malfatti – The Fires Had Long Burned Out [In the Glow of Distant Fires, LINE 2023]
Jon Hassell – Last Night the Moon Came [Live at Jazz Onze Festival, Lausanne, 2009]
Andy Nicolson – Scaffold Riddim [Fragmented, s/r 2023]
Bana Haffar – All That Is Sometimes Not Considered [intimaa’, Touch 2023]
Ian Wellman – Burning Light [The Night The Stars Fell, Ash International 2023]