Long Wave

Long Wave 5.1

Long Wave 5.1 | 8th December

a chance mix 16 (discarded men)

a shimmeringly soft takeover of Mike Harding’s Long Wave radio show by pinkcourtesyphone with pleasant dissonances, romantic particulates for your
ear palate. Inventive stylings of lustrous sounds from today, yesterday and further
back slower. enjoy.


who killed teddy bear – leslie uggams
wistful wishful wanton – pinkcourtesyphone
oblivion of experience – leyland kirby
there ain’t no sweet man worth the salt of my tears – peggy lee
stargate – chris & cosey
smoke gets in your eyes – eartha kitt
untitled #6 – bellows
christine daniels – bjorn hatterud
faulty connections – pinkcourtesyphone
carribea – raymond scott
love for sale – marc almond
i wish i were a princess – little peggy march
the invisible frame – simon fisher turner
reflection – wzrdry av
candy – tab hunter
hasret – ekin fil
date of loss – pinkcourtesyphone
one minute more – chris & cosey
go away – strawberry switchblade
Ihnaemiauimx – m.e.s.h.
ふしあわせという名の猫 – maki asakawa
drifting – tom dissevelt
uhura – patrick cowley
i’m clean now – grouper
night – david lynch
there will never be another you – hugo winterhalter
swann and odette – aris kindt
harbor lights – martin denny
i’m following you – felicia atkinson
trace it back – emra grid
dressed in black – the pussycats
ivy covered windows – internazionale
darkroom – ryuichi sakamoto
to the minimal great hidden – caretaker
deface I – marc kate
cyclic bit #1 – raymond scott
couldn’t this lengthy therapy – anonymous
Ascending and Decending Sequences of Varying Nature ix – daphne oram
my discarded men (live) – eartha kitt
without him – astrud gilberto
cry me a river – world of skin
shteirlel 2 – zoviet france
romantic threat – pinkcourtesyphone
the other woman (live) – nina simone

Long Wave 4.8

Episode 4.8 | 10th November

For the November edition of Long Wave, Mike Harding presents an organ special, featuring work by Giacinto Scelsi, Anna von Hausswolff, Maurice Duruflé, Claire M Singer, Marhaug/Asheim, Arvo Pärt, Andrew Glover Whitley, The Eternal Chord and others, including recordings of performances by Charles Matthews

Long Wave 4.7

Episode 4.7 | 13th October

For the October edition of Long Wave, Mike Harding talks to Ken Hollings in The Moon Under Water Public House in Balham, in the south of London.

Recordings and music by William Burroughs, Miles Davis, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Suicide, Eliane Radigue, Louis & Bebe Barron and Ymac Sumac

Long Wave 4.6

Episode 4.6 | 8th September

For the September edition of Long Wave, Mike Harding talks to Franz Kirmann in his studio in south London. Composer, musician, sound designer and editor, he performs in Piano Interrupted, releases solo records and works as a composer for film and TV.

Music by Alpha Blondy, Hedi Jouini, Michael Nyman, Piano Interrupted, Fennesz, Philip Jeck, William Basinski…

Long Wave 4.5

Episode 4.5 | 11th August

In the studio, Mike Harding talks to Pasadena-based sound artist Steve Roden, who pioneered the lowercase style of music, where quiet, usually unheard, sounds are amplified to form complex and rich soundscapes.

Long Wave 4.4

Episode 4.4 | 14th July

Mike Harding talks to Carl Michael von Hausswolff about his life and times…

1. Mick Ronson – Slaughter on 10th Avenue
2. The Beatles – Within You Without You
3. Blue for Two – Sink or Swim
4. Roedelius/Hausswolff – These Are The Keys (from the album ‘Nordlicht’, Curious Music, 2017)
5. Roxy Music – Ladytron
6. CM von Hausswolff – Still Life Requiem Touch, 2017)
7. freq_out 1.2 ∞ SKANDION (Ash International, 2015)

StationIDs: Andrew Nicolson (The Moon Under Water Public House, 4th July 2017)

Long Wave 4.3

Episode 4.3 | 9th June

Mike Harding talks to Tony Myatt, Professor of Sound at Surrey University about all things ambisonic

1. Chris Watson – El Divisidero, from the album ‘El Tren Fantasma’ [Touch # TO:42, 2011]
2. Russell Haswell – Ant Colony (Featuring Eurofighter Typhoon F2 Flyby), from the album ‘Wild Tracks’ [Editions Mego, 2009]
3. Christophe Charles – HCDC (extract), from the album HCDC [Murmur, 2013]
4. Terre Thaemlitz – Between Empathy And Sympathy Is Time (Apartheid), from the album ‘Love bomb’ [Mille Plateaux, 2003]
5. Polyphonie Corse
6. Chris Watson – A recording made at Embleton Rookery from ‘The Stepping into the Dark’ sessions in 1995
7. Tony Myatt – Placencia Bay [from TouchRadio, 2013]
8. Bulgarian Bagpipes
9. Felix Blume – A La Orilla (extract) [TouchRadio]

Long Wave 4.2

Episode 4.2 | 12th May

Mike Harding talks to Robert Crouch about the AxS festival, The Pasadena Arts Council and his new album, Sublunar (out May 19th 2017)

Long Wave 4.1

Episode 4.1 | 14th April

Mike Harding talks to Austrian filmmaker Edgar Honetschläger, whose most recent film, Los Felis wa shot largely in Los Angeles

Music played features Thomas Köner, Fennesz, Georges Delerue from the film Le Mépris (Jean-Luc Godard, 1963) and Sollima Giovanni

Long Wave Series 5 | dublab

Mike Harding hosts a fifth series of “Long Wave” and the fourth on Dublab on 14th April 2017 from 2-4pm PT… and will continue for 8 episodes

Episode 4.1 | Edgar Honetschläger

Episode 4.2 | Robert Crouch

Episode 4.3 | Tony Myatt

Episode 4.4 | CM von Hausswolff

Episode 4.5 | Steve Roden

Episode 4.6 | Franz Kirmann

Episode 4.7 | Ken Hollings

Episode 4.8 | Organ Special

Long Wave 3.8

Episode 3.8 | 8th March

Alternative National Anthem Special – feat. Lasse Marhaug, Jana Winderen, Chris Watson, Dave Knapik, Geneva Skeen and others…

Photo: Sarah Brownie, Suffolk, England March 2017

Long Wave 3.7


Episode 3.7 | 10th February – with Bill Thompson

Mike Harding introduces UK-based American sound artist Bill Thompson, who talks about his work as a sonic teacher and practitioner heavily influenced by Pauline Oliveros, Steve Reich, Earl Brown, Eliane Radigue, Max Neuhaus, Alvin Lucier and others

Long Wave 3.6


Episode 3.6 | 13th January – The Cap Report: Travels through Thailand and Vietnam, October – November 2015

Long Wave 3.5


Episode 3.5 | 9th December – Vesta

A continuous 2 hour mix… featuring Olivia Block, crys cole, Colleen, Ipek Gorgun, Grouper, Hildur Gudnadottir, Anna von Hausswolff, Bethan Kellough, Signe Lidén, Irene Moon, Claire M Singer, Jana Winderen, Amy Winedeath…

Long Wave 3.4

3.4 | 11th November

In the studio with Claire M Singer discussing all things aeolian. Her debut album, Solas, was released in June 2016 and can be previewed on Bandcamp. Tracks played featured Leif Elggren, Bill Thompson and Hazard, as well as Henryk Gorecki.

Long Wave 3.3

3.3 | 14th October

Interview with filmmaker Paul McDade in Pasadena, September 2016… the travails of a low-budget documentary maker in 21st Century Los Angeles… and his brushes with the paranormal.

With recordings from Simon Scott, Claire M Singer, Raymond Cass, ‘Breakthrough’, Michael Esposito…

Long Wave 3.2

3.2 | 9th September

Lets go back to your childhood… with Mike Harding & Stephanie John live in the studio

The photo of Mike was taken in 1963, when he first heard Puff, the Magic Dragon by Peter, Paul and Mary, at the age of five and a half… He still adamantly refuses to believe that the song is about drugs…

This show covers the years 1963 to 1973, when he was 15…

The photo of Stephanie was taken in 1988, when Kylie’s first album “Kylie” with the single “I Should Be So Lucky” came out… The photo is an attempt to recreate Kylie’s hairstyle from the cover of the album…

This show covers the years 1985 to 2000…

Long Wave 3.1

Dublab - Stephanie John_3

3.1 | 12th August Presented by Stephanie John, who also provided the photo above

Stephanie John is a Sound Artist livng and working in London. She works with field recordings, musical composition and voice to create sound installations and performances which explore sound as a cinematic experience and the resonance of place. Her projects encompass ideas and themes such as the sound of British Industry, the sonic effects of the industrial revolution, mysticism and the sublime and the tension between humans and landscape.

Stephanie’s current project, Steel Cymraeg is running at the Trostre works, Llanelli, Wales until September. Here she shares two hours of sounds that inspire her, around the theme of resonance, landscape and female voice.

Long Wave Series 3 | dublab

Mike Harding hosted a third series of “Long Wave” and the second on Dublab on 11th December 2015… and continued for 8 episodes until July 2016

Episode 2.1 | Simon Scott

Episode 2.2 | Lagowski

Episode 2.3 | Edwin Pouncey

Episode 2.4 | dronefest l

Episode 2.5 | dronefest ll

Episode 2.6 | The Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland Anniversary Special

Episode 2.7 | Iain Chambers

Episode 2.8 | Robin the Fog & Stephanie John


Long Wave: suspending time and immersing the listener in a widescreen of sound

Long Wave Series 2 | dublab

Mike Harding hosted a second series of “Long Wave” on Dublab on 29th July 2014… and continued for 8 episodes

Episode 1.1 | A Noiseful Joy

Episode 1.2 | Elevation Through Sound

Episode 1.3 | Michael Esposito

Episode 1.4 | Richard Chartier

Episode 1.5 | Myke Dodge Weiskopf & BJNilsen

Episode 1.6 | Mark Van Hoen

Episode 1.7 | Paul Haslinger & Hamlet Sarkissian

Episode 1.8 | Yann Novak & Bethan Kellough (formerly Bethan Parkes)


Long Wave: suspending time and immersing the listener in a widescreen of sound