Long Wave

Long Wave 2.2

2.2 08.01.16 – Interview with Lagowski [Edited by Andrew Lagowski]

Long Wave 2.1

2.1 11.12.15 – Interview with Simon Scott

Long Wave Series 1 Rebroadcast

The first series will be rebroadcast on Resonance Extra and will go out in Brighton & Hove on a new smallscale DAB trial starting 1st December 2015].

Long Wave 1.8

Elevation Through Sound
Mike Harding hosts the show with Alejandro Cohen for Dublab Radio’s Elevation Through Sound at 10am on 9th September 2015

In this fifth episode of a new series, Mike talks to Yann Novak and Bethan Parkes

Long Wave 1.7

Elevation Through Sound
Mike Harding hosts the show with Alejandro Cohen for Dublab Radio’s Elevation Through Sound at 10am on 24th June 2015

In this fourth episode of a new series, Mike talks to Paul Haslinger and Hamlet Sarkissian
You can listen to an archive of this show here

Long Wave 1.6

1.6 25.03.15 meets… – Mark Van Hoen

Long Wave 1.5

Elevation Through Sound
Mike Harding hosts the show with Alejandro Cohen for Dublab Radio’s Elevation Through Sound at 10am on 21st January 2015

In this third episode of a new series, Mike talks to Myke Dodge Weiskopf and BJNilsen

Long Wave 1.4

Elevation Through Sound
Mike Harding hosts the show with Alejandro Cohen for Dublab Radio’s Elevation Through Sound at 10am on 3rd December 2014

In this second episode of a new series, Mike talks to Richard Chartier (LINE, pinkcourtesyphone)

You can listen to this episode here

Long Wave 1.3

Elevation Through Sound
Mike Harding hosts the show with Alejandro Cohen for Dublab Radio’s Elevation Through Sound at 10am on 22nd September 2014

In this first episode of a new series, after the two appearances on Elevation Through Sound and A Noiseful Joy, Mike talks to Michael Esposito (Phantom Airwaves), the EVP researcher…

You can listen to this episode here

Long Wave 1.2 | Elevation Through Sound

Elevation Through Sound

Mike Harding hosted today’s show with Alejandro Cohen for Dublab Radio’s Elevation Through Sound at 10am on 6th August 2014


Thomas Ankersmit – Figueroa Terrace (excerpt) – Figueroa Terrace – Touch
Jana Winderen – Aquaculture – Energy Field – Touch
Chris Watson – Telegraph Cove at Night – unreleased
Jana Winderen – Dive – unreleased
Hazard – Landmass – Wind – Ash International
Bruce Gilbert – Sliding Off the World – Touch 25 – Touch
Mika Vainio – From Behind the Radiators A – From Behind the Radiators – Touch
Fennesz vs Matthews – Amoroso – Amoroso – Touch
Rosy Parlane – Willow – Willow – Touch
Various Artists – Touch Ritual Cut Up – Touch
Touch 33 – Mach .853 (Moscow Air Traffic Control) – Touch Sampler 00 – Touch
Chris Watson – Friday the 13th – Touch Sampler 00 – Touch
Chris Watson – A Celebration – Touch Sampler 00 – Touch
Biosphere – Deviation – Autour de la Lune – Touch
BJNilsen – Londinium – Eye of the Microphone – Touch
Leif Elggren – Mother!!? – Antitrade – Ash International
Unknown – In a Constant State of Rebellion – Antitrade – Ash International
Charles Matthews plays Giacinto Scelsi – In Nomine Lucis – Spire Live in Bergen – The Tapeworm
Fennesz – Badminton Girl – Endless Summer – Editions Mego
Sohrab – Amookhtan Baraye Zistan – unreleased

Long Wave 1.1 | A Noiseful Joy

A Noiseful Joy

Mike Harding interviewed by Jake Viator for Dublab Radio’s A Noiseful Joy at 10am on 29th July 2014

Long Wave 13

31st December – Charlie Campagna – Recording Sound for Film
Charlie Campagna, composer, sound designer, sound librarian, sound recordist, musician, talks about working with sound in Hollywood.
Listen again here

Track listing:

1. Corvette ZR1 for The Last Stand.
2. Slinky – Traditional slinky suspended and stretched out with two contact mics through a couple of guitar processors. This was recorded for Star Trek.
3. Gunshots for Django Unchained.
4. Creating thunder for Prometheus
5. The elevator shaft was recorded for the movie Devil by M Night Shyamalan. I stumbled upon this leaving a friend’s house at 2am; the drone was actually quite loud and I was lucky to have a dpa 5100 rig with me. I added a Waves Mondo Mod to the front right channel and to the surround left with a very slow sweep. I then duplicated that plug-in instance and inserted that on the front left and right surround. The aim was to have an out-of-phase occurrence when the plug-ins crosspaths to create an unsettling feeling. You would need to monitor this in a 5.0 environment to hear the full effect – I hope subtle but effective.
6. Hurricane Irene, (inside and outside perspective). When visiting family in Baltimore, Maryland, we discovered all flights out of the eastern coast were cancelled due to the storm, leaving me nothing else to due but read and record. The 1st segment is one 800T mic in a crack of a window pane that was very vocal from the wind creating a eerie vocal moan good for many uses. The second segment is a recording of the storm approaching (interior perspective). I was surprised to find out how warm and misty the rain was – it was truly a tropical storm, I felt “this is it?? Wimpy warm misty rain??” After the first 40 minutes I noticed my B&K 4011s were sensitive to the lightning spiking my signal, maybe because they were near the window pane. Then we switch to an interior perspective for the 3rd section of these recordings.
The 4th and last segment is the storm in full fury, exterior perspective. By the 3rd hour power transformers exploded and 200 hundred year-old oak trees were ripped out of the earth like toothpicks. The mics in standard zepplins held their composure as I was in a covered entrance way out of the direct sideways gale force gusts. The sound you hear is mostly oak trees blown from the side. I remember a parking sign blown by in a blink of an eye.
7. Quarks – High Neighbor (1991). Directed/edited by Steven Soderbergh. Starring Ron Bartlett (drums), Charlie Campagna (guitar), Oscar Mitt (vocals), Forrest Pierson (guitar), Eric Potter (bass). You can watch the video here
8. Long Wave mix – Skin Would Shed (Trip Dance Theatre, 2002) – Bell Frenzy (Trip Dance Theatre, 2004) – The Lights in the Sky are Called Stars (Commissioned by Erica Rebollar Dance Theatre, Modern Dance, Created in the tempo of 120 BPM (actual time) so the clocks and watches can create the polyrhythmic structure, gated guitar, layered cello) – Guitar Pattern x5 (2013)
Station IDs: Eva & Pepa

Long Wave 12

24th December – The Cap Report
The Minister of Caps presents a new work centered around a selection of field recordings collected in Japan during September and October 2013.
In addition to the field recordings are the sounds of the Otamatone, a Japanese instrument he purchased in Japan, as well as the Korg Monotron Duo, a Japanese instrument he did not purchase in Japan. All recordings taken in a variety of arcades, pachinko parlours, trains and temples in Japan (and one park in New York City):
Listen again here

Track listing:

Nakano Broadway (Tokyo) ● various UFO catcher arcades in Ikebukuro (Tokyo) ● JR Yamanote Line (Tokyo) ● Fushimi Inari Taisha (Kyoto) ● a central Kyoto pachinko parlour ● Koyasan cable car (Koyasan) ● Dōtonbori (Osaka) ● Shinjuku station and surrounding streets (Tokyo) ● Central Park Turtle Pond (New York City, USA)

Long Wave 11

17th December – Tim Maloney – Film and Sound
Mike Harding interviews Tim Maloney about the history of film and sound
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Track listing:

1. Contact (1997) Dir. Robert Zemeckis
2. Raising Arizona (1987) Dir. Joel Coen & Ethan Coen, Music Carter Burwell,
3. M (1931) Dir. Fritz Lang, sound: Paul Falkenberg sound editor, Adolf Jansen sound.
4. The Conversation (1974) Dir. Francis Ford Coppola, Walter Murch sound montage, sound re-recordist, sound editor (uncredited)
5. Taevalaul [Sky Song] (2010) Dir. Mati Kütt, Tõnu Kõrvits music, Horret Kuus sound mixer

Long Wave 10

10th December – Katja Seltmann with Irene Moon – Insect Harmonics
Mike Harding interviews Katja Seltmann with Irene Moon about insect harmonics
Listen again here

Track listing:

1. Backing music: Irene Moon. Organ, electronics and insects (flies and cockroaches)
2. Darker Florida (Irene Moon and Pax Titania) – For the Cat People
from the album: History of Darker Florida vol. i. [tin cans and twine, cassette, 2008]
instrumentation: Piano, electronics and insects
3. Graeme Revell: The Insect Musicians – Invaders of the Heart
4. Treehopper courtship sounds from Reginald B. Cocroft
5. Scientifically Speaking with Irene Moon – Fly me to the Blossom
from the album SUPLICO [Gods of Tundra, cassette, 2000]
instrumentation: Organ and crickets.
6. Mika Vainio – Outside the Circle of Fire | Hazard – Debugged
From the album Star Switch On [Touch, CD, 2002]. “The artists were commissioned to use the wildlife recordings of Chris Watson published on Stepping Into The Dark and Outside The Circle Of Fire as source material.”
7. Insect Collage – Ants, wasps and other insects…
featuring recordings by Mike Harding, Tom Lawrence & Jana Winderen
Irene Moon’s website

Long Wave 9

3rd December – Carl Michael von Hausswolff & Michael Esposito about EVP
Mike Harding interviews Carl Michael von Hausswolff & Esposito about EVP [electronic voice phenomena] in Brighton
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Track listing:

1. Carl Michael von Hausswolff & Michael Esposito – Live at St. Andrew’s Church, Hove
2. Carl Michael von Hausswolff – Operations Of Spirit Communication [Die Stadt, 2000]
Studio IDs: Leif Elggren
Carl Michael von Hausswolff’s website
Carl Michael von Hausswolff mentioned PARC and Ash International

Long Wave 8

26th November – Finnbogi Pétursson
Mike Harding interviews Icelandic artist Finnbogi Pétursson in Krems, Austria. (Present also is Marcus Davidson)
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Track listing:

1. Aero (track 1). Landscape from Ghostigital – Finnbogi Petursson – Skuli Sverrisson [Bad Taste 2008]. www.ghostigital.com
2. Spilhus 2013. Track from a installation in Reykjavik, August 2013. Spilhus
3. Radium, from from Ghostigital Finnbogi Petursson album, CD and 4tr. DVD. released by Bad Taste 2007. Radium
4. Organ – StefanFinnbogaPetursson (Finnbigo and his son Stefan) recorded at home. Unreleased.
Station IDs: Finnbogi Pétursson
Finnbogi Pétursson’s website
Finnbogi mentions Carl Michael von Hausswolff and freq_out

Long Wave 7

19th November – Storm “St Jude”, the patron saint of desperate cases and lost causes.

Recordings made in south west London from 5am on the morning of October 29th 2013. This storm was responsible for the deaths of four people… compare the typhoon which hit The Philippines in November, which destroyed towns and many thousands of lives…
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Long Wave 6

12th November – Budhaditya Chattopadhyay
recorded in Bergen railway station, Norway
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Track listing

1. Benarus (LongWave version)
2. Elegy for for the City Expired | Landscape in Metamorphoses (LongWave mix)
3. Danse Industrielle sketches from the upcoming work
Train leaving platform 1 for Arna…
Station IDs: Budhaditya Chattopadhyay
Budhaditya Chattopadhyay’s website

Long Wave 5

5th November – Sohrab
Featuring the music of Iranian-born musician, Sohrab
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Track listing:

1. Aamookhtan Baraye Zistan (learning for life)
2. In The East
3. Himmel Über Tehran
4. Europa
5. Pedagogicheskaya Poema
6. You Are Not Alone remixed by JG.Thirlwell, Achim Mohné & Jóhann Jóhannsson

Station IDs: Sohrab
Voice: Mandy H
Sohrab’s website