Long Wave 9.5

Long Wave 9.5 | 8th January 2021

Dismember/ Remember

A two hour unfolding of music, interviews, and field recordings from Lebanon. Hosted by Bana Haffar.

Track listing:

First hour

Marc Codsi – Invocation I [A New World, Annihaya 2019]
Jad Atoui – Signals [Black Lanterns, VV-VA/ Syrphe 2020]
Charbel Haber – Wandering Women Of Letters [It Ended Up Being A Good Day Mr. Allende, Al Maslahk, 2012]
Nour Sokhon – Rectification of the Wretched
Aya Metwali – بعد العشا
Fadi Tabbal – Music for Circles [Music For The Lonely Vol. 1, Beacon Sound 2019]
Safa – Folded [The Subtleties Of Elevated Things, Modular Mind 2018]
Kid Fourteen – One day I’m gone [Love, Kidsplay Records 2020]
The Bunny Tylers – Contact Transfer Stains [Glitches And Drones, Ruptured 2016]
Stephanie Merchak – No Matter how much my eyes bleed, no matter how many times my heart explodes and my soul shatters [Unreachable, 2020]
Bana Haffar – Hamra street (binaural recording)

Second Hour

Elyse Tabet – Water Version 1  [VV-VA-00/ Syrphe, 2019]
Bana Haffar – Azaan in the rain (binaural recording)
Anthony Sahyoun & Jawad Nawfal – February 2, Pt. 2 [First Seconds Last Forever, VV-VA/ Syrphe 2020]
TEDTEDTED – Wil [Cama, Ruptured 2020]
Safa – Canonized [The Subtleties Of Elevated Things, Modular Mind 2018]
Mazen Kerbaj – Krrrt [Cling Clang Clong, Al Maslakh, 2019]
Ziad Moukarzel – Are Three
Marc Codsi – Encounters I [A New World, Annihaya 2019]
Bana Haffar- Carpet memories (binaural recording)
Tony Elieh – Part 1 [It’s Good To Die Every Now And Then, Al Maslakh 2016]
Sary Moussa – South [Imbalance, 2020]
Anthony Sahyoun – Jesuit Literature Drowning in the Mediterranean [LP 1, 2020]