Long Wave 9.6

Long Wave 9.6 | 12th February 2021

Hosted by Mike Harding & Bana Haffar

Track listing:

Hour One

LA Rain
Earth – Dissolution II_ Miami Coming Down (You Fuck) [Scatter, Ash International 1997]
Daniel Menche – Devouring Time (extract) [Devouring Time, 2020]
Fennesz – Domicile [Agora, P-Vine, 2019]
Carl Stone – Khun Dom [Unreleased]
London Fridge 
Garek Druss – Rendering A More Subtle Palette [The Wellspring of Light, 2019]
Giacinto Scelsi – In Nomine Lucis [Version unknown]

Hour Two

Oh Sees – Poem 2 [Panther Rotate, Castle Face 2020]
Dedekind Cut – Conversations with Angels [Successor (ded004), 2016]
Coloform – Exploring the Cavern of Self image
Sary Moussa – Weight [Imbalance, Other People 2020]
Hildegard Von Bingen – O Vis Aeternitatis [Sequentia, BMG 1994]
KMRU – Solace [Peel, Editions Mego 2020]
KMRU – ib07  [Alternate African Reality, Syrphe 2020]
Erik Griswold – Three Great Parlor Themes [All’s Grist That Comes to the Mill, Room40 2020]
Eleh – Observation Wheel [Location Momentum, Touch 2010]
Bernard Parmegiani – Geologie Sonore [De natura sonorum, 1975]