Long Wave 9.7

Long Wave 9.7 | 12th March 2021

Hosted by Mike Harding & Bana Haffar

All things that pass
Are woman’s looking-glass;
They show her how her bloom must fade,
And she herself be laid
With withered roses in the shade 

[Christina Rossetti, ‘Passing and Glassing’]

Track listing:

First Hour

Yenting Hsu – Prologue [Relight Music, 2020]
Geneva Skeen – Mirror Glimpse [Double Bind, Room40, 2021]
drøne – Black Stone feat. Gabie Strong [the stilling, Pomperipossa Records, 2020]
Anna von Hausswolff – Entering [Sacro Bosco, Southern Lord, 2020]
Simon Tassano & Eddy Sayer – Waterglass (extract) [Waterglass, Touch, 2021]
Simon Scott – Apart part C [Apart, 12k, 2021]
fennesz sakamoto – [Cendre, Touch, 2007]
Yenting Hsu – Planet [Relight Music, 2020]
Yann Novak – Finding a Way to Live [Finding a Way to Live, Superpang, 2021]

Second Hour

A tribute to Miles Cooper Seaton

The second hour is dedicated to the music and words of Miles Cooper Seaton, a traveller and teacher that left us too soon.

Bana Haffar – Memoriam [2016]
Big Bend Canyon Ambience [2021]
Miles Cooper Seaton – Untitled [2019]
Miles Cooper Seaton and Bana Haffar – Baby Weaver was at Rave Mountain [2019]
Miles Cooper Seaton – Untitled 1_3#02 [2019]
Marfa Train [2021]
Written memo from Miles read by Bana Haffar [2019]
Paramilitary Chardonnay – Untitled (Miles Cooper Seaton and M Geddes Gengras) [2021]
Paramilitary Chardonnay – Untitled [2021]