Long Wave 10.6

Long Wave 10.6 | 8th October 2021


“So you can see what is real to me is in dreams and imagination, all the rest is television.” Gerald Vizenor

Hosted by Mike Harding & Bana Haffar (welcome back!)

Image source: Biology Today. CRM Books, 1972.

First Hour:

Kristof Hahn – Vogelfluhlinie [Six Pieces, ROOM40, 2021]
Susje Ristch – VNSHNG [Tapes series (01), s/r, 2021]
Brook Hinton – Airports for Parrots [Irrational Protocols Vol. 1, s/r, 2020]
Marsha Fisher – Untitled [Cloquet Sketches, s/r, 2021]
Ian Wellman – Prologue – Storm’s Brewing [On The Darkest Day, You took My Hand and Swore It Will Be Okay, Room40, 2021]
Yann Novak – Dark, Perplexing, Ruptures of Plane [Lifeblood of Light and Rapture, Room40, 2021]
CM von Hausswolff – The Wind In Kirtipur (Bringing The Kumari) – extract [The Wind In Kirtipur, Erototox Decodings, 2021]

Second Hour:

Shackleton – Something Tells Me/ Pour Out Like Water [Departing Like Rivers, Woe To The Septic Heart, 2021]
Gerald Vizenor – Excerpt from PBS Nighttimes Magazine, Season 2 Episode 12 [PBS, 1981]
Tomoko Sauvage –  Kinetosis Study [Fischgeist, bohemian drips, 2020]
Ryoji Ikeda – Space [Ryoji Ikeda EP, Sähkö Recordings, 2021]
Telefon Tel Aviv – still as stone in a watery fane. [Dreams Are Not Enough, Ghostly International, 2019]
Brett Naucke – Sleep With Your Windows Open [Mirror Ensemble, American Dreams Records, 2021]
Maurice Louca – Saet El-Hazz (The Luck Hour) [Saet El-Hazz (The Luck Hour), Northern Spy Records, 2021]