Long Wave 10.5

Long Wave 10.5 | 10th September 2021\

“From the pool of time, the Future comes back to help the Past become Present.”
Martin Prechtel

Hosted by Mike Harding & Bana Haffar, who provided the drawing

First Hour: By Dawn’s Early Light (every day starts with a little death)

Tony Elieh – it’s good to die every now and then [Anthology of Electroacoustic Lebanese music, Unexplained Sounds Group, 2020]
Claire Rousay & Patrick Shiroishi – Silent Moon [Now Am Found, Mended Dreams, 2021]
n. – The Insomniac Loop
Jeremy Young – Earlier Than Energy [August Tape Sketches, Meakusma, 2021]
Chris Watson – River Mara at Dawn [Stepping into the Dark, Touch, 1996]
Youmna Saba – Al Sobh [Written and performed by Youmna Saba for the conference “Working Through Crisis: Innovations, Possibilities and Limitations of Research in a Volatile Lebanon”, organized by the RELIEF Center, in March 2021]
Bethan Kellough – Hour Glass [Gravity + Sand, Superpang, 2021]
Ryoji Ikeda – 1’11” [Time and Space, Staalplaat, 1998]
Susje Ristch – Blue [Colourtronics, 2021]
IHVH – Heat Rhythm [The Agnostic, Ash International, 2021]
Soliman Gamil – Clown Dance [A Map of Egypt Before the Sands, Touch, 1997]
Manja Ristić – Soul Agenda, Alavija Sunset [Songs of the North, s/r, 2021]
venoztks – endent [Light Breaker, Venoztks, 2021]

Second Hour:  Cyclical occurrences – moving into action

Christina Vantzou – Glisten I [Serrisme, Edições CN, 2021]
Kinematik – Afkar Aariya (Naked Ideals) [Ensemble 1: Al Jadi, Ruptured, 2021]
mu tate – 03 [2021]
Bernard Parmegiani – Tôt Ou Tard [Questions De Temps, Cezame – CEZ 4021, 2001]
Bana Haffar – Castles in Beirut [Castles In Beirut, 2019]
Akkar/Motor/Fire – Unreleased field recording
Lawrence English – The River [A Mirror Holds The Sky, Room 40, 2021]
Autechre – r cazt [SIGN, Warp, 2020]