Long Wave 10.7

Long Wave 10.7 | 12th November 2021

Within the Boundary

“Still there are seeds to be gathered, and room in the bag of stars.”
Ursula K. Le Guin, The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction

Hosted by Mike Harding & Bana Haffar, who provided the drawing

First Hour: Internment

Susje Ritsch – Side A (extract) [Six Pieces From Luberon, Grisaille, 2021]
Olivia Block – Great Northern, 34428 [Innocent Passage in the Territorial Sea, Room40, 2021]
Philip Samartzis + Eugene Ughetti – Katabatic Winds Pt2 [Array, Room40, 2021]
Valery Vermeulen – Trailer from Mikromedas [Ash International, 2021]
Strom|Morts vs. Drone – R9 – Abstract Field Latency [CoLab 20/21, Ash International, 2022]
Patrick Shiroishi – Grandchildren of the Camps [Descension, Thin Wrist, 2020]
Gabie Strong – Lavender [Wilding Sun, Dragon’s Eye Recordings, 2021]
Laura Cannell, Kate Ellis with Chris Watson – Within the Forest Darkness [October Sounds, Brawl, 2021]

Second Hour: Expansion 

Lightbath – Korgu Chideh [Korgu Chideh, Fourhexagons, 2019]
Carrier Band – Video Voice [Voice Coil, Deep Listening, 2008]
Shabason / Gunning – Crocodiles [Muldrew, Séance Centre, 2019]
Beck-Fields – 2017-05-24.01 [Ethereum, 565984 Records DK, 2017]
M.C. Richards – Creativity: Clay, Color and Word —an M.C. Richards Workshop (extract) [Kane-Lewis Productions, 1992]
Keith Fullerton Whitman – Quest Apartments, NSW (2007) [Collected Guitar Music (2002-2010), 2020]
Zane Trow – Part I [Still Life, Room40, 2021]
Daniel Avery & Alessandro Cortini – Inside The Ruins [Illusion Of Time, Mute Records, 2020]
Sosena Gebre Eyesus – Andu Selehulu (He Died For All) [Sosena Gebre Eyesus, Little Axe Records, 2018]