Long Wave 10.2

Episode 10.2 | 11th June 2021


Hosted by Bana Haffar

“Collective Dreaming” by Grace Woodard (@cloudbasedgrace)

“Every single sentient being dreams while asleep. Regardless of whether one is rich, poor, stupid, sad, or a yogi, everybody dreams. When one goes to sleep, one dreams. One spends a third of one’s lifetime sleeping. On an average, everybody sleeps 25 to 30 years. Ever since ancient times and up and until now, especially the Ma-rGyud, the “Mother Tantra” of the Tibetan Bon Tradition urges us not to waste the time we spend sleeping and teaches us to appreciate the importance of discovering the quality of night-work.”  – Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

First Hour

Coum Transmissions – Sugarmorphoses Pt. 1 [Sugarmorphoses, Dais 2011]
Tim Hecker – Sketch 1 [Dropped Pianos, Kranky 2011]
Patricia Garfield, Ph.D. – On Dreams & Dreaming
Charlie Campagna – Bowed Cymbal
Jawad Nawfal – Tierce Et Personne [Between Scylla And Charybdis, vv-va 2021]
Milton H. Erickson, M.D. – I’ll Go Swimming Tomorrow
Clipping with Christopher Fleeger – Baby Don’t Sleep [Double Live, Sub Pop 2020]
Nour Mobarak – Monte Albán Scream [Father Fugue, Recital 2019]
Amy Mindell, Ph.D. – The Dreambody: Working with a Body Symptom
Clipping with Christopher Fleeger – Metal [Double Live, Sub Pop 2020]
Bana Haffar – Tiny Leaves/The Fool [2020]
Phew – Drone [Vertical Jamming, Disciples, 2020]

Second Hour

Norman Lowrey – River of Bells [2017]
Terence McKenna – Dreaming Awake at the End of Time [1998]
Mika Vainio – Ambient City 1994 B [Arc 1, Sähkö Recordings 2021]
Nicole Mitchell & Lisa E. Harris – Biotic Seeds [EarthSeed, FPE Records 2020]
France Jobin – Inertia [Death Is Perfection, Everything Else Is Relative, Editions Mego 2020]
Rupert Sheldrake Ph.D. and Mark Vernon – Dreams and Their Interpretation
Lars Blek – Lars Blek 7 [2020]
Ione – 26th Annual Dream Festival 2021 Dedication
Jen Kutler – A Piece for Amplified Children [Sonified Physiological Indicators of Empathy, Cacophonous Revival Recordings, 2021]