Long Wave 10.1

Long Wave 10.1 | 14th May 2021


Hosted by Mike Harding & Natasha Pirard

Screen print: Natasha Pirard

First Hour

Jim Haynes – Interlude for Shortwave [When the Sky Burned, SIGE 2021]
Vvbvs – Second [ll, 2021]
Lina Tullgren – Gravel Foot [Visiting, 2021]
Cerebral Vortex – Solamen [Spiro, 2020]
Melissa Pons – Freita [Wolf Soundscapes, 2021]
Zachary Paul – Wheel [Summons, Athame 2021]
Yenting Hsu – Live at Lacking Sound Festival, March 2021
Ian Hawgood – Memory and Motion [Memory and Motion, Dragon’s Eye 2021]
Charlie Campagna – The Alpha

“Every once in a while, on the job, you get to hear a sound that reminds of how fear can be evoked with a single sound. This was a 4 year old male wolf, the leader of his pack. He was bound by a professional trainer who basically lives with them, he too looked like a wolf. Next to him was a piece of animal bone that resembled a femur bone from a deer… and there I was, with 4 microphones on mini mic stands a foot from its chest. I was about 6 feet away, still close enough to feel the vibration directly from his chest cavity – it actually resembled the sound of a Harley idling at a lower volume. But the difference is the visceral, primal subconscious communication was as direct as an arrow to the chest… designed to intimidate, that moment was now; it was a warning to stay where you were or you would be taken out…. huge respect for these magical beings.”

Second Hour

Thomas Ankersmit – Perceptual Geography [Shelter Press 2021]
Jasmine Guffond, Erik K Skodvin – Cozumel Trasher [The Burrow, Sonic Pieces 2020]
Beatriz Ferreyra, Natasha Barrett – Souvenirs Cachés [Souvenirs Cachés, Persistence of Sound 2021]
The Selva & Machinefabriek – Barbatrama [Barbatrama, Shhpuma Records 2021]
Jacaszek & Kwartludium – Garden (les sureaux) [Catalogue des Arbres, Touch 2014]
Richard Chartier – Interreferences-06 [Interreferences, Room40 2021]
Machinefabriek – Somerset [Marijn, Lampse 2006]
Stephane Clor – 11 2.4 [Trames électriques 2019]
Leila Bordreuil – Sunshine Hypnose [Headflush, Catch Wave Ltd 2019]
Judith Hamann – Humming Suite I – Etude for One Cello and One Voice [Music for Cello and Humming, Blank Forms Editions 2020]
Jacob Kirkegaard – Church [4 Rooms, Touch 2008]
Lea Bertucci – A Visible Length of Light [A Visible Length of Light, Cibachrome Editions 2021]