Long Wave 10.3

Long Wave 10.3 | 9th July 2021

Exation | Exhabitus

Hosted by Mike Harding & Natasha Pirard, who provided the screen print

First Hour: Exation

Manja Ristic – Dwellers [Kairos & the dwellers, s/r, 2021]
Little Man, Big Voice [recorded by Mike Harding in Westwood, Los Angeles, June 2021]
Sam Dunscombe – Desert Disco [Outside Ludlow / Desert Disco, Black Truffle, 2021]
Gen Ken Montgomery – The Slowest Conversation Ever [Unknown Destination, s/r, 2021]
Yoe – To Exist Among Wolves [To Exist Among Wolves, s/r, 2021]
Gen Ken Montgomery – Unknown Destination [Unknown Destination, s/r, 2021]
Franz Kirmann – Locked-In Drones (feat. Zachary Paul) [Locked In, s/r 2020]
Claire M Singer – Aisir [Solas, Touch, 2017]

Second Hour: Exhabitus

Claire Rousay – Faking it [A Heavenly Touch, Already Dead Tapes & Records, 2020]
France Jobin – Spring Meandering [s/r, 2021]
​Jon Hassell – Pastorale Vassant [Listening To Pictures (Pentimento Volume One), 2018]
Lisa Lerkenfeldt – Champagne Smoke [Collagen, Shelter Press, 2020]
Jeremy Young – Trafic (with Tomonari Nishikawa) [Amaro, Thirsty Leaves Music, 2019]
Maika Garnica – Bow [Frow Bow to Ear, 2020]
Geneva Skeen – Mirror Glimpse [Double Bind, Room40, 2020]
Kevin Richard Martin – Necrosis [Sirens, Room40, 2019]
Alexandra Spence – Bell, Fern [A Necessary Softness, Room40, 2021]