Long Wave 2.8


2.8 8th July Robin the Fog with Stephanie John, who also provided the photo above

1. Stephanie John – Steel Cymraeg (extract), ), from Show16, Royal College of Art, London

Steel Cymraeg is a quadrophonic sound installation composed of recordings made between March and June 2016 at the Trostre steelworks, Llanelli. It follows the tin-plating process, beginning with the arrival of the hot rolled steel from Port Talbot at the PickIe Iine, finishing in the garden of the The Cottage behind the works. The installation takes the form of a sound cinema with a sheet of hot rolled steel in place of the screen. It is an attempt to create an immersive and active Iistening space. The chairs are reclaimed from the CoIiseum theatre in Aberdare, a town 30 miles to the east of Llanelli. Steel Cymraeg converts a political subject into a sensorial experience through the close examination and re-presentation of the sounds of the works.

The piece is made in memory of Meurig John, my grandfather, who worked at Trostre for 12 years.

2. Robin the Fog – Dublab MegaMix

Sound Artist, Radio Producer, Tape Loop Wrangler, member of Howlround
“Hello. My name is Robin The Fog and I am a sound artist and radio producer based in London. My work largely falls under the broad term ‘Radiophonics’ and includes Field recording, radiophonic composition and documentary – it being my belief that the best work for radio encompasses and blurs the boundaries between these things.
Over the past couple of years, my production work has included bespoke sound designs for several BBC Radio 4 dramas, numerous broadcast packages for Radio 4 and BBC World Service, as well as contributions to Radio 3’s Between The Ears, Deutsche Welle, ABC Australia, Monocle, Resonance FM and many more.”