Long Wave 2.7

2.7 10th June Iain Chambers

Iain began making electronic music in the 1990s, creating electronic pop with Bow Mods, before co-founding musique concrete composing/performing collective Langham Research Centre in 2003 with colleagues at BBC Radio 3, based in London’s Langham Place. In this interview host Mike Harding discusses his many projects… with thanks to Rob Aitken and Stephanie John

Track listing:

1. Delia Derbyshire – Love Without Sound (1969)
2. Iain Chambers – Tower Bridge Lifting (2015
3. Iain Chambers – Bascule Chambers (2015)
4. Langham Research Centre – Piano Traffic, from Muffled Cyphers (2014)
5. Howlround – Mount Shock (2015)
6. Iain Chambers – Nancarrow [Extract from Iain Chambers’s 2014 recomposition of Ivo Neame’s Escape Hatch, at Oxford’s North Wall. An Oxford Contemporary Music event]
7. Andreas Bick – Chronostasis (2009)