Long Wave 14.7

Lux Aeterna

Hosted by Mike Harding & Bana Haffar, who provided the image.

“The eyes emit a beam of light that allows one to see.” [Ancient Greek saying]

1st hour

Patricia Wolf – Potter’s Swamp: Dawn Chorus One [Malheur Wildlife Refuge: Late Spring, s/r 2022]
Church Bells, Felpham, West Sussex
Bill Thompson – And the Sky Breaks Open Excerpt [And the Sky Breaks Open, Ash International 2024]
Rose Kallal – Twilight [Linear Reworks, Psyché Tropes, 2024]
Byron Westbrook – Translucents 1 (Tear in the Surface) [Translucents, Shelter Press 2024]
Cleared – Sunsickness [Hexa, Touch 2024]
Hildur Guðnadóttir – Light [Mount A, Touch 2010]
Dimitris Papadatos – Light Describing A Cone [u/r 2024]
Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe – A Crack in the Glass as the Light Goes [Recessed Draught, s/r 2024]
Yann Novak – Seeing Light Without Knowing Darkness feat. G. Brenner [The Voices of Theseus, Dragon’s Eye 2024]
Wind [undated vinyl test recording produced by EMI, EP163]

2nd hour

Shugendô Now (film excerpt) [Directed by Jean-Marc Abela and Mark Patrick McGuire, 2010]
Yoshihide Otomo, Sachiko M. – Filament 1 – 5 [Filament 1, Extreme 2007]
K. Leimer – Fanfare for the Illusion of Choice [Found Objects, Palace of Lights 2021]
Pauline Oliveros, Stuart Dempster & Panaiotis – Ione [Deep Listening, New Albion 1989]
James Turrell dialogue with Charlie Rose – “Looking at Light” (interview excerpt) [2013]
Terry Riley – Les Yeux Fermés: I. Journey from the Death of a friend (excerpt) [Riley: Les Yeux Fermés, Lifespan, Elision Fields 2007]
Jana Winderen – Submerged [Submerged, Touch 2009]
Fadi Tabbal – When we swam together [I recognize you from my sketches, Fadi Tabbal 2024]
Andre Laplante – En Rêve: Nocturne (Liszt) [Liszt, Analekta 1995]
Martín Prechtel – Quotes from the Oral Teachings of Martin Prechtel (excerpt) [Rescuing the Light, Flowering Mountain 2021]
Manja Ristić – the ant & the cricket (excerpt) [Ma, Line 2024]