Long Wave 12.1

Long Wave 12.1 | 9th September 2022


Hosted by Mike Harding & Bana Haffar

“The moon in the shadow of the earth” from Marie-Louise Von Franz’s Alchemy, An Introduction to the Symbolism and the Psychology. Inner City Books, 1980.

“The coniunctio takes place in the new moon, in the underworld. In the deepest depression, in the deepest desolation, the new personality is born.” Marie-Louise von Franz

First hour:

William Fowler Colllins – Death Acquires A Different Meaning (featuring Johanna Hedva) [Hallucinating Loss, Western Noir 2022]
LOCRIAN – Incomplete Map of the Voids [New Catastrophism, Profound Lore 2022]
Jim Haynes – Variant, number four [Insomnia, Sentimental Production 2022]
Angel Deradoorian, Dylan Fujioka, Patrick Shiroishi – Basic Flowers (extract) [Basic Flowers, Shinkoyo/Artist Pool 2022]

Second hour:

The Caretaker – Internal unravel [Everywhere, an empty bliss, History Aways Favor The Winners 2019]
Abul Mogard – Like Water [Strega Musica, Make Noise Music 2022]
Dimitris Savva – Disruption 5 [Anthology Of Contemporary Music From Greece, Unexplained Sounds Group 2022]
Merzbow & Lawrence English – The Visit [Eternal Stalker Dais 2022]
Xambuca – Thaum (Ascending) [Thaum, Flesh Prison 2021]
Yenting Hsu – January [Flash, Ash International 2022]
Shida Shahabi – Smygkatt [Homes, Sing A Song Fighter 2018]
Gnod – Spotlight [Hexen Valley, Rocket Recordings 2022]