Long Wave 11.7

Long Wave 11.7 | 8th July 2022

Fractal Patterns

Hosted by Natasha Pirard, who also provided the picture

Felicia Atkinson – Our Tides [Image Langage, Shelter Press, 2022]
M. Sage – Claiming Air Rights [Catch a Blessing, Geographic North, 2019]
Sarah Davachi – En Bas Tu Vois [Two Sisters, Late Music, 2022]
K. Leimer – Art and Science [Music for Land and Water, Les Giants, 1983]
Minamo & Asuna – Purkinje Fluctuations [Tail of Diffraction, 12K, 2022]
Claire Rousay – Everything perfect is already here [everything perfect is already here, Shelter Press, 2022]
Keith Fullerton Whitman – Modena [Playthroughs, kranky, 2002]
AV Moves – Sorry Too Much [In a Pause, Leaving Records, 2020]
Vlad Dobrovolski – Opus 3, May Voices [Natursymphony No.1 – Spring Music, Mappa Editions, 2020]

Track listing: