Long Wave 5.2

Long Wave 5.2 | 12th January

A Touch special with Jon Wozencroft in conversation with Mike Harding discussing changes in printing and audio with particular reference to the recent publication of Touch MOVEMENTS

Track listing:

AER/Simon Scott/Mika Vainio – TOUCH Movements
(5:04) – Jon Wozencroft l
Philip Jeck – Deed of Gift*
Sohrab – (a pad called) Satyr†
Bethan Kellough – Twelve*
(25:01) – Jon Wozencroft ll
Mika Vainio – Behind the Radiator Part 2‡
(30:06) – Jon Wozencroft lll
Chris Watson – El Divisadero (The Telegraph)‡
Jóhann Jóhannsson – Mingyun*
the desert fox
(51:47) – Jon Wozencroft lV
Jim O’Rourke – Despite the Water Supply*
Jana Winderen – Ice Zone†
(73:12) – Jon Wozencroft V
Peter Rehberg – Cinecom*
(82:48) – Jon Wozencroft Vl
Strafe FR – Cap de Barbaria†
london in a week
(92:27) – Jon Wozencroft Vll
CM von Hausswolff – Sine Missing One*
trickle down
Heitor Alvelos – Expectant v2†
(105:29) – Jon Wozencroft Vll
Mark Van Hoen – Weathered†
de rerum natura
Oren Ambarchi – Testify*

* taken from TOUCH Movements [Folio 002]
† originally submitted for TOUCH Movements but not used:
Strafe FR – Cap de Barbaria [from the forthcoming album ‘The Bird Was Stolen’ [Touch, 2018]
Mark Van Hoen – Weathered [from the forthcoming album ‘Invisible Threads’ [Touch, 2018]
‡ previously released:
Mika Vainio – Behind the Radiator Part 2 [Side B of 7″ ‘Behind the Radiators’ Touch, 2008]
Chris Watson – El Divisadero (The Telegraph) [Side A of 12″ ‘El Tren Fantasma – The Signalman’s Mix’ [Touch, 2011]