Acoustic Images, Royal College of Art | London 13th February 2014

Thursday 13th February, 10.45am
Performing Arts Lab


Mike Harding

Within the metropolitan area of London, select, record and describe a suitable LISTENING POST (in contrast to viewpoints of scenic vistas, with car parks, telescopes and waste bins). It could be an audio oasis or parenthesis to escape the urban audio assault, or it could be an enclosed space with peculiar acoustics. The aim is to encourage engagement and thereby involvement, with your urban area by LISTENING, which is the essential forerunner (and possible substitute) for any audio recording.

Mike will introduce the morning and play recent works by BJNilsen and Jana Winderen, amongst others, whose recent works have described contrasting areas of spaces, one urban the other invisible.

From midday to 3pm, students will be ‘on location’ before re-assembling to discuss their experiences.

Pepa Ivanova:

Sounding Poetry of Perception – storytelling in soundscapes

Pepa is currently mentored by Touch