Long Wave 12

24th December – The Cap Report

The Minister of Caps presents a new work centered around a selection of field recordings collected in Japan during September and October 2013.
In addition to the field recordings are the sounds of the Otamatone, a Japanese instrument he purchased in Japan, as well as the Korg Monotron Duo, a Japanese instrument he did not purchase in Japan. All recordings taken in a variety of arcades, pachinko parlours, trains and temples in Japan (and one park in New York City):

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Track listing:

Nakano Broadway (Tokyo) ● various UFO catcher arcades in Ikebukuro (Tokyo) ● JR Yamanote Line (Tokyo) ● Fushimi Inari Taisha (Kyoto) ● a central Kyoto pachinko parlour ● Koyasan cable car (Koyasan) ● Dōtonbori (Osaka) ● Shinjuku station and surrounding streets (Tokyo) ● Central Park Turtle Pond (New York City, USA)