Long Wave 10

10th December – Katja Seltmann with Irene Moon – Insect Harmonics
Mike Harding interviews Katja Seltmann with Irene Moon about insect harmonics

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Track listing:

1. Backing music: Irene Moon. Organ, electronics and insects (flies and cockroaches)
2. Darker Florida (Irene Moon and Pax Titania) – For the Cat People
from the album: History of Darker Florida vol. i. [tin cans and twine, cassette, 2008]
instrumentation: Piano, electronics and insects
3. Graeme Revell: The Insect Musicians – Invaders of the Heart
4. Treehopper courtship sounds from Reginald B. Cocroft
5. Scientifically Speaking with Irene Moon – Fly me to the Blossom
from the album SUPLICO [Gods of Tundra, cassette, 2000]
instrumentation: Organ and crickets.
6. Mika Vainio – Outside the Circle of Fire | Hazard – Debugged
From the album Star Switch On [Touch, CD, 2002]. “The artists were commissioned to use the wildlife recordings of Chris Watson published on Stepping Into The Dark and Outside The Circle Of Fire as source material.”
7. Insect Collage – Ants, wasps and other insects…
featuring recordings by Mike Harding, Tom Lawrence & Jana Winderen
Irene Moon’s website