Long Wave 8

26th November – Finnbogi Pétursson
Mike Harding interviews Icelandic artist Finnbogi Pétursson in Krems, Austria. (Present also is Marcus Davidson)

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Track listing:

1. Aero (track 1). Landscape from Ghostigital – Finnbogi Petursson – Skuli Sverrisson [Bad Taste 2008]. www.ghostigital.com
2. Spilhus 2013. Track from a installation in Reykjavik, August 2013. Spilhus
3. Radium, from from Ghostigital Finnbogi Petursson album, CD and 4tr. DVD. released by Bad Taste 2007. Radium
4. Organ – StefanFinnbogaPetursson (Finnbigo and his son Stefan) recorded at home. Unreleased.
Station IDs: Finnbogi Pétursson
Finnbogi Pétursson’s website
Finnbogi mentions Carl Michael von Hausswolff and freq_out