Long Wave 4

29th October – The Tapeworm
Compiled by The Wyrm

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The Tapeworm presents a choice selection from its cassette catalogue. Your host – recorded on a Sony Professional Walkman – Mr Stephen Wrench.

Track listing:

1: Wouter van Veldhoven “Second”
2: Philip Jeck “A4.30”
3: Achim Mohné “How To Use This Cassette”
4: Zachary James Watkins “Black Spirituals II-IV” (excerpt)
5: Tongues Of Mount Meru “The Delight Of Assembly” (excerpt)
6: Stefan Goldmann “Remiksz” (excerpt)
7: Fennesz “Szampler” (excerpt)
8: Robert Curgenven “The Internal Meta-Narrative Of Turner’s Tempest…” (excerpt)
9: Philip Marshall “Aggressive” (excerpt)
10: Jean Baudrillard “Le xerox et l’infini” (excerpt)
11: Ken Hollings “Parasitic Infestation” (Live at Worm Eats Bear)
12: Dale Cornish “Straw Camel Back”
13: Zerocrop “So High”
14: Leslie Winer “John Says”
15: Elektro Guzzi “Hexenschuss”
16: Ray Gallon “Nam June Paik – A Work For Radio” (excerpt)
17: Othon “Kali Dances”
18: Andrew Poppy “Number Crunch #2”
19: Simon Fisher Turner “Solo Piano Improvisation #54” (excerpt)
Station IDs: Dale Cornish