Long Wave 1

8th October – Phill Niblock

Interview with Phill Niblock conducted by Mike Harding over a dodgy Skype connection from Phill’s hotel room in Japan, September 2013

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Track listing:

Phill Niblock – Stosspeng – taken from the album ‘Touch Strings’ [Touch # TO:79, 2009]
Phill Niblock – FeedCorn Ear – taken from the album ‘Touch Five’ [Touch # TO:91, 2013]
Phill Niblock – Hurdy Hurry – take from the album ‘Touch Works’ [Touch # TO:49, 2000]
Phill Niblock’s website
Intros and outros recorded by Jana Winderen in Glasgow, 28th September and Pascal Wyse in London, 18th September; with thanks to Brains & Hunch.
Station IDs: BJNilsen