Field: First Live Installation

1. A field just outside Bergen… 2nd June 2007

Location: Myklestad plantegÄrd, Blomsterdalen, Norway

Curators: Erlend Hammer & Roar Sletteland

Sound: Thorolf Thuestad

Other organisers: Kate Augestad, Sigurd Fischer-Olsen, Molly Telemann
Video documentation: Are Hauffen
Funded by Ny Musikk Bergen/ Ny Musikk.

About Field…

Field is a live installation produced by Lasse Marhaug [NO], Jana Winderen [NO] & Mike Harding.

Marhaug steps out of his noise clothing to tempt and seduce. Winderen continues her sound ecology work and Harding puts natural sounds from the city back where they belong… Together they form a delicate and sensitive sound which they will present for the local sheep population.

Photos by Mike Harding, Lasse Marhaug, Jeremy Welch & Jana Winderen