venoztks – how it’s not meant to be [Tapeworm # TTW#139]

Cassette (Limited edition of 100) + DL
Available on Bandcamp

Release date: 11th December 2020

Track listing:

A Secret 29′ 36″
B for 52 years 29′ 30″

Many hours were spent surfing the airwaves, with often surprising results… No synths were used during the making of this album. The mysteries of the ether continue to enthral and provide.

Illustration by Bana Haffar – “The Map is Not the Territory”

Mastered by Franz Kirmann
Published by Field Music
With thanks to Bana Haffar, Klingenfuss & all the freqs

This cassette is a product of The Tapeworm “unidentified, incorrect or outright useless.”

TTW#139 copyright 2020 The Tapeworm